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Meet Decision Makers From:

  • Automotive OEMs
  • Ridesharing & On-Demand Companies/Taxis
  • Fleet Companies & Leasing Companies
  • Government/Cities
  • Ridesharing Application & Service Providers
  • Connected Mobility as a Service Providers/Platforms
  • Payment System Vendors
  • EV Electrification Infrastructure

With The Following Job Titles:

CEO’s, MD’s, CTO’s, CIO’s, COO’s Chief Engineers & Heads of:

  • E-Mobility

  • Mobility Strategy

  • Mobility Services

  • Mobility Business

  • Mobility as a Service

  • Mobility & Connectivity Services

  • Mobility Innovation

  • Smart Mobility

  • E-Mobility Infrastructure

  • E-Mobility Charging

  • EV Charging – Vehicle to Grid – Energy System Integration

  • Connected Services

  • Connected Car

  • AV & Mobility Strategy

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Urban Mobility

  • Digital Experience

  • Mobility & Location based Services

  • UX/UI

  • Software Engineering

  • Advanced Controls

  • Safety Program Management 

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Battery Electric Vehicles

  • IoT & Blockchain

  • Enterprise Connectivity

  • Digital Strategy

  • Powertrain

  • Power Electronics

  • Future Technologies

  • Electronics & Autonomous Driving

  • Digital Customer Services




  • Automotive OEM Strategic Perspectives That Will Explore New Shared Mobility Business Models & The Opportunities To Enhance The Customer Experience & Monetize Mobility & Connected Services
  • Understand The Latest Trends On How New Mobility Business & Ownership Models Are Forecast To Change The Automotive Landscape & Assessing Key Monetization Opportunities Ahead
  • North American City Perspectives On Developing Smart Mobility Operating Environments, Partnership Development and Regulatory Environments
  • North American City Perspectives - Assessing The Future Role Of Vehicles In Cities To Evaluate The Infrastructure & Policies To Support New Mobility & Charging Solutions
  • Introducing Scalable Mobility Solutions In City Environments – Key Considerations During Planning and Deployment To Ensure Commercially Viable Shared Mobility Rollout Throughout Diverse Cities
  • Diversifying Your Customer Demographic & Creating Brand Loyalty Through New Models On Car Ownership Including Shorter Term Leasing & Subscriptions
  • New Subscription Models & Leasing Opportunities for Luxury Brands: Understanding Customers Appetite For Shared Ownership Experiences
  • Examining The Business & Profitability Model For A Car Sharing Joint Venture That Operates In 18 Cities Across Europe With A Fleet Of Over 14,000 Vehicles
  • Addressing Data Sharing, Privacy & Security Considerations To Enable New Mobility Operating Models
  • Examining How The Insurance Sector Must Evolve & Integrate With New MaaS Transportation Systems



  • Creating Connectivity Services & In-Car User Experiences That Customers Will Pay For
  • The Future Of In-Vehicle Connected Services – How To Capitalise On Advances In Technology & Growing Customer Demand
  • Over The Air Updates – Reimagining Future Business Models Through Innovative Tech & Software Applications That Will Have The Ability To Unlock Features Already Installed On The Vehicle
  • Over The Air Updates – Understanding The Infotainment & Drive Control Updates That Customers Are Willing To Pay For
  • Exploring The AI Enabled Software Systems That Will Anticipate Customer Requirements & Provide New Value Opportunities For Automotive OEM’s
  • Creating Business Models To Monetize Collected Vehicle Data & Understanding Who Can Use The Data & How?
  • Offering An Enhanced Customer Experience & Increased Reliability Through Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance Capability
  • Connected Mobility & Payments - Examining Secure Payment Solutions for Connected Vehicles
  • Examining 5G Communication Infrastructure Requirements To Effectively Support Connected Vehicle Services


  • Examining Connectivity Requirements & Connected Charging Solutions For Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Exploring The Development Of Connected Charging Services For Effective In Car Journey Planning
  • Creating E-Mobility Business Models That Work For Your Customers & Deliver The Required Charging infrastructure For Future Operating Environments
  • Exploring The Need For Enhanced Cyber Security Across Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Creating A Secure & Enhanced Customer Experience At Charging Infrastructure Through Industry Standardization
  • Exploring Public Private Partnership Development To Deliver EV Charging Infrastructure In Major Cities
  • Driving The Increase In EV Ownership Through Access To Charging Infrastructure In Multi-Unit Dwellings – What Are The Solutions?
  • Alleviating Range Anxiety Through The Creation Of Convenient, Rapid Charging Infrastructure Along Major US Highway Corridors
  • The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program – Addressing Regional Needs For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Developing Clear & Harmonised Regulatory Frameworks For Charging Infrastructure

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